Issue #342: The One with All the Number Ones

Issue #342: The One with All the Number Ones

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SO MANY AMAZING NEW BOOKS THIS WEEK!!! Between Justice League #1, Deadpool #1, Ant-Man & The Wasp #1, Brother Nash #1, Garfield: Homecoming #1, The Highest House #1, etc. etc. etc., the Talking Comics crew had TONS of comics to talk about on talking comics. And Jess is back just in time for the latest issue of Batman!!! (PS – What is the Batman/Joker ‘ship portmanteau??? Joey has an idea…)

Also, the gang talks some of the big news out of DC regarding Geoff Johns and Vertigo AND the breaking news about the return of Unstoppable Wasp!!! And Into the Spider-Verse!!! And Cloak & Dagger!!!

Also also, dream casting a 2018 reboot of the iconic ’60s Batman tv series!!!!!!!

Book titles talked about during this week’s episode include: Paper Girls #21,Bombshells United #19, Giant Days #39, Ant-Man & Wasp #1, Ant-Man & Wasp: Living Legends #1, Stowaway to the Stars, About Betty’s Boob, Garfield: Homecoming #1, Brother Nash #1, Moon Girl #31, Sword Daughter #1, The Last Siege #1, Justice League #1, The Highest House #1, Wallace the Brave, The Space Odditorium #1-4, Deadpool #1, Where We Live, Batman #48, and Dazzler: X-Song.


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