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The Future of the Battle Royale Genre (with guest Justin Townson) | Talking Games Episode #192

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Justin returns to Talking Games to chat about Far Cry 5, his trip to Pax East and to hear Huw and Bobby tell him tales of Radical Heights. Then we dive deep into what we think of the Battle Royale genre and if anything can compete with PUBG and Fortnite.

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Bobby Shortle

Huw Parry

Kelsey Hlavaty

Matt Wood



Bobby Shortle – Angelus104

Justin – Worstninjaever

Huw- huwpaz

Kelsey- khlava13


Bobby Shortle – Angelus104

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Huw – hpaz

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Bobby Shortle – Angelus104

Justin – Joroak

Huw – huwpaz

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