Snotgirl #10 Review

Snotgirl #10

Snotgirl #10

Written by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Art by Leslie Hung

Review by KrisK

Snot girl#10 is here! For those of you not following Snotgirl (written by O’Malley of Scott Pilgrim fame and drawn by Leslie Hung), its about an internet influencer named Lottie Person. Her nickname is Snotgirl, because she has terrible allergies. Early on in the series, she starts taking an experimental allergy medicine. Shortly thereafter, she maybe murders someone. She isn’t sure, and the reader isn’t either. We still haven’t completely learned the truth of what was going on, but we know more of what was going on. This story just keeps layering on the mysteries and sins, and there are so many questions, that the answers are just more questions.

This story arc was a two parter about an event for YouTube/Social Media influencers. During a night of celebration, a huge fan of Lottie’s ends up dead, and the event is cancelled. The police investigate the incident, and the girls attempt to salvage the weekend. It does not go as expected. Some questions are answered, and the full extent of the various obsessions are illuminated.

Caroline Snotgirl Bryan Lee O'Malley Leslie Hung
A vision of what might have occured

As always, the story is well paced, and while this issue is denser than some of the others, it still rolled along at a good pace. The issue uses character beats in a way that they don’t feel like a down beat. In this issue, every revelation appears in due course, and none of it feels forced. The dialogue speaks naturally, and the characters act consistently with their personalities. The art by Hung is gorgeous, and she clearly takes her time making each panel. It does not have the forced rote feel that you get in some of The Big Two works. It’s not work, it’s passion.

The short story arcs can make the story feel like its not going anywhere. There are no long sustained arcs. It is more like the story is her day to day life, and it keeps going on, no matter the trouble. The bimonthly status of the book makes it hard to get into sometimes, and I have to review the previous issue to stay abreast of everyone’s lives.

Verdict: Once again, this book is a buy. It is dynamic and original, and it feels like nothing else on the shelves. It’s beautiful and unique, and I want more and more. I can’t wait to learn what is all going on.


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