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Issue #307: The Death Defying NYCC Recap

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Call the fire department, folks, because this podcast is ON FIRE! Well, it WAS on fire, and then Steve busted out his magical editing skills, and managed to cast a mighty spell on what was most definitely a mighty and terrible beast of a show! While battling technology, Bob, Jessica, Bronwyn and Steve talk a WHOLE LOT about NYCC 2017 in addition to plenty of comics books. This week, the  group shares a chin-wag about titles such as Batman: White Knight, The Death Defying Doctor Mirage, Generation Zero, Rocket Girl, Elsewhere and much more! Oh, and don’t forget to stay until after the show for a very special musical interlude courtesy of the crew. And don’t worry, Joey will be back next week, and he’s bringing a very big bucket of water to put the fire out!



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