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The Run: Amazing Spider-Man #298–323, 325, 328; Spider-Man #1-14, 16

This episode we are joined by Ty Watson from The Delay of Game Podcast and Level Select. A lot of people heavily criticize Marvel in the 90s and much of what that comes from a style that McFarlane popularized on The Amazing Spider-Man. We try to pinpoint that criticism and also look at what is redeemable (and there is a lot) from what remains to be a significant contribution to the Spidey mythos.

Join us next time as we take a look one of the most revered runs on the merc with a mouth: Joe Kelly’s Deadpool (Deadpool (1997) #1-33, #-1 and #0, Daredevil/ Deadpool Annual ’97, Deadpool/ Death Annual ’98, Baby’s First Deadpool Book, Amazing Spider-man #47 and #611 and material from Deadpool #900)

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Intro Song:”Hero” by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott

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Guest: Ty Watson @tywatson


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