the Mighty Thor #20 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artists: Russell Dauterman & Valerio Schiti

Colorists: Matthew Wilson & Veronica Gandini

Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

The Mighty Thor #20 returns to The War of the Nine Realms which continues to decimate the innocent citizens as it wages further and further out of control. Malekith of the Dark Elves and his allies are raging throughout the realms seemingly unchecked and without fear of reprisal and it is taking its toll of those who oppose the Dark Elf’s fury. This issue in particular focus on the ramifications of war and those caught in the middle of the war and are just trying to survive, very reminiscent of several real world situations but obviously with a fantasy element but it also offers readers a new Thor, the War Thor, as someone worthy finally picks up the Hammer of The Ultimate Thor, who fell during Marvel’s Secret Wars. After the past few issues dealing with the Shi’ar Asgard War in the Mighty Thor #15-19 it was nice yet heartbreaking to get back to the storyline that has been a main plot point in the Mighty Thor since Jane Foster picked up Mjolnir.

The Mighty Thor #20 takes the reader to Nidavellir, realm of the Dwarves who are honoring their vows and commitments by harboring refugees from the Light Elves realm, even it means stretching their already limited resources well past their limits. Hence why Senators from the Congress of Worlds, including Volstagg the Voluminous and Roz Solomon, have traveled to the realm of the dwarves to see how they may offer assistance only to be caught in an attack aimed at the refugees. Volstagg takes center stage for the majority of this issue, as his fatherly side shines more so then his warrior heritage as he harbors some elven children as he attempts to escape the horror of the attack and take them home to Asgard. As you can no doubt surmise, it does not go well.

The Ultimate Mjolnir

As much as I enjoyed the main story Jason Aaron also gives us a touching moment as Jane Foster and Thor Odinson finally have the talk. Now that Thor Odinson is aware that Jane is the new Thor they have much to discuss, especially since his feelings are hurt and Jane worries more and more about losing herself as Thor as her cancer has become terminal. This was the first of what I have no doubt will be many conversations these two have but the war calls, literally through Mjolnir, and the two Thor’s are off to offer assistance. And soon the New Ultimate Thor AKA the War Thor as the final page, which is epic, finally reveals whom the War Thor is. The promise of three Thor’s waging war next issue is exciting, like a classic Doctor Who team up, and I can’t wait to see where this leads.

I’m very comfortable in saying that Jason Aaron is writing one of the greatest Thor runs of all time. He’s now on par with Stan and Jack as well as Walter Simonson as the definitive Thor writer. His Mighty Thor is an amazing tale and it continues to be excellent month after month. As a huge fan of the Ultimates I’ve been intrigued by the appearance of the Ultimate Mjolnir since it appeared in the wake of Secret Wars and to see it finally hefted this issue was exciting and actually shocked me, although it shouldn’t have once I saw the real cover coloring but once revealed it made perfect sense and left me wanting more.

Verdict: If you love great comics by excellent creators then The Mighty Thor #20 is a Buy! If you have yet to pick up Jason Aaron’s run on Thor then what’s wrong with you? Seriously, run to the store and prepare yourself for an epic run that is defining the character for the 21st Century.


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