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‘Supergirl S02E14: Homecoming’ Review

Supergirl opens with Mon-El waking up alone in Kara’s apartment and she comes back with flowers and coffee for him. Kara wants to keep it quiet and that lasts a whole 10 seconds because Mon-El announces it to the whole DEO. Kara and J’onn go out to stop a Cadmus truck, that is lead lined and surrounded by 3 vehicles with armed security. They find Jeremiah chained up in the truck. Jeremiah tells them that they have a nuclear fusion bomb, which they made with Supergirl’s heat vision. The episode revolves around trying to find the bomb and Jeremiah returning to the DEO.

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“Homecoming” felt similar to the recent “Luthors” episode where Kara is the only one who believes Lena is innocent. With this episode, the tables turned and it’s Mon-El who is wary of Jeremiah and the timing of his “rescue.” It wasn’t really a surprise that things played out this way and I do wish they did something a little more creative with Jeremiah. He acted suspicious from the start and by the end, wasn’t subtle about it at all.

The subject of Jeremiah also caused a ton of tension in this episode. First, it puts a strain on Mon-El and Kara when he starts to question the fact that they found Jeremiah so easily and right as a bomb surfaced. Then, it puts a strain on Kara and Alex when Kara questions Jeremiah about hacking into the DEO’s main frame. Despite the suspicion, Alex ends up letting Jeremiah getting away before knowing what exactly he took. Winn finds out that he took the National Alien Registry.

This episode has some ups and downs. It moves the Cadmus plot forward quickly, but feels forced where Jeremiah is concerned. After 14 years of being under Cadmus, you’d think he’d maybe want to take at least some sort of break. It’s not like the DEO is incapable of surviving without him. His eagerness to jump right back in should have been a bit of a red flag and Mon-El was right to question it. Despite that, this episode served a purpose and it looks like more Cadmus action will be coming in the next episode.

The Good

  • Eliza telling Jeremiah that he can’t make up for lost time and that they no longer know each other like before
  • Maggie being there for Alex when things go wrong with Jeremiah
  • J’onn going out into the field with Supergirl again

The Bad

  • Still not enjoying the Mon-El/Kara relationship
  • Too obvious Jeremiah wasn’t there for a good reason

Favorite Lines

  • “It’s gonna be a rough sparring session for me…” “Ya think?” – Mon-El and Kara after he announces their relationship to the DEO

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