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Flash #17 Review

Flash #17 Review

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico, Davida Gianfelice and Neil Googe

Colours by Ivan Plascencia and Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Steve Wands

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

The Rogues are Flash’s main antagonist for a reason and this arc and issue show why Flash writers always come back to the Rogues. Williamson does a good job in wrapping up this arc whilst setting up the next story with Wally West, Kid Flash as a focal point and making it so that even though the Rogues are inevitably captured by the Flash, they are set up to come back as a formidable force.

This issue’s plot is predictable, as it ends with the Rogues ( spoiler I guess, but come on) being jailed.  What this issue and whole arc has been doing, however, is developing the Rogues, and especially Captain Cold, both as an adversary and a character. Cold’s speech, especially, to Flash about how they are both are doing what they do for themselves, not others, has some touching and emotional moments. Williamson does not short change any of the numerous characters in this issue, which in itself is a feat and that, paired with the emotional beats, creates a good read.

The art has great moments, such as the one page splash of the Flash escaping from Cold, however it is plainly evident that there were three artists working on this issue. The art does not flow as smoothly, with some pages having a completely different style from the previous and that is jarring at the best of times.


Pass (Unless already reading). Look – this is a good Rogue story arc and you should check it out, but nothing about this issue screams “Pick me up!”. Throw in the inconsistent art and it all adds up to the conclusion that you would be better picking up next issue as a start of a new story arc.

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