Broken Thumbsticks Episode 1: Introductions

Broken Thumbsticks Episode 1: Introductions

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Hello there!  Welcome to the first episode of Broken Thumbsticks.  On this episode you’ll meet the new larger crew and listen in as they talk about their gaming likes, dislikes and history.  It’s all introductions this time around.  We appreciate you listening and giving any feedback you can while we find our footing.  Thank you!

Reach us at Brokenthumbstickspodcast@gmail.com

Twitter- @brokenthumbstx

Bob- @Melfesto
Johhny- @Lostwithpurpose
Justin- @Joroak
Lazz- @Soko_Amaretto
Mark- @UrsusFidelis
Mike- @Mikeinglese94
Nick- @Thenickjp



Husband, Father, Nerd. Comic Book reader & Video Game player. You can find me weekly as co-host of the Talking Games Podcast and as a site contributor for Talking Comics.

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