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Comics and Coffee: Image Expo and More All-New All Different Marvel

Bobby’s away this week so Nikki and a couple of her Wednesday Crew friends are going to talk about the recent Image Comics announcements as well as the All-New All-Different Marvel titles.

Welcome to the Talking Comics’ morning show Comics and Coffee!

Once a week Bobby Shortle and Nikki Alfaro will talk about the news of the previous day, the movies and TV they are watching, what’s going on in their lives and much more!

Remember, the show is broadcast live on YouTube at 9AM EST the morning it airs so you can follow along and even participate! Each week we will be soliciting questions on Twitter, Facebook, and on the website.

Comic book reader, video game player, and manga/anime fanatic, Nikki has been a geek since she first saw the X-Men animated series way back in the 90's. Loves DC characters, Marvel Comics, and mostly everything Image is putting out there now. You can…

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