Issue #66: Crisis on Infinite Podcasts: How to Make the Perfect Comic Book Event


Issue #66: Crisis on Infinite Podcasts: How to Make the Perfect Event

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Another week, another podcast. This week Stephanie steps out, and we are joined by Rob to tackle the monumental task of trying to sculpt the perfect comic book event.  Whether you are looking for some comic book history, a breakdown of how to make character interactions more effective or even an original event idea, we’ve got it all for you!

As per usual though, we also discuss our Books of the Week, which has more or less evolved into a talk about the books we’ve read in general (love, hate or somewhere in between). Some of the books we talk about this week include: Young Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, FF, Uncanny X- Force and Justice League. We also answer your listener questions, weigh in on J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars, and debate the origins of the Rhino.

Make sure to check out last week’s interviews with  Love and Capes creator Thomas Zahler and Peter Panzerfaust creator, Kurtis Wiebe.

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3 thoughts on “Issue #66: Crisis on Infinite Podcasts: How to Make the Perfect Comic Book Event

  1. Maximum Carnage? Are you kidding me, that was all the straw on the camel’s back when Clone Sage hit to make it the final straw for Spiderman in the 90s. Terrible. Big Events are now the staple for the Big Two. The question is how to do them and how to read them. I thought House of M was terrible after the first issue than I read it in trade and it was great. Same goes for Secret Invasion which I even got the chance to meet Bendis and told him. Yet, DC minus Final Crisis and the 52 blow up, was hitting on all cylinders. I love Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis. 52 is a masterpiece and a great experience reading when they came out each week. If I read them in trade, I might come off as meh. Its all about the experience.

    As for ideas for Big Events, I have one that I will email to you. As Steve’s idea as soon as he mentioned Val, I was out. After getting volume 3 of FF, I have had enough of her. The ending was worth the long sometimes irritating journey though.

  2. I really liked Steve’s idea for the Val/FF/Runaways/PowerPack event. Besides loving the characters of all 3 teams (Runaways got me back into comics, FF is one of my favorite runs and Power Pack is what I read to my little niece and nephew) it’s the flexibility of the event. You follow one story-line and get the big story, then if you want to follow the other teams you can. The big difference is that the series following the other teams would actually be working towards the same goal so you will still have the feeling that something significant to the overall story is happening.

    I think a big problem that has plagued many events of late is that youre either supposed to follow 24 books to get the complete storyline or you have 1 main series and all the other titles are just reacting to something that happened in the event without contributing. This makes it feel like these titles are all just spinning their wheels.

    After Steve finished his pitch I was totally excited to read it and then fell into a big depression when I realised it’s not really going to happen. Thanks a lot guys 😉

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