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Marvel’s Infinity #1 Sells Out on Release Day

The first issue of Marvel’s latest company-wide crossover, Infinity, sold out at Diamond Comics on the day of its release. Diamond’s the largest comics distributor in North America, and while retailers….

Marvel NOW! Releases A Ton of Teasers

In the past week or so, Marvel has released a plethora of teasers for their ongoing series, along with two new one word teasers: “XX” and “Birth.” Each of the….

Marvel NOW! Teasers Emerge

It appears that Marvel is ramping back up with their one word hints at books to come in the opening months of the Marvel NOW! launch. After seeing the fold….

Issue #26: Getting to Know Zenescope

Issue #26: Getting to Know Zenescope With Steve Haberman Download Directly From iTunes Feedburner Link It’s been a few weeks since we had a guest on the show so this….