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‘The Flash S03E17: Duet’ Review

The Flash brings us a nice little break from the Savitar storyline. This week, Supergirl joins the show for a music episode surrounding Music Meister. Barry and Kara are both put into a coma and the only way out of it is to play the musical through to the end. In the musical, we see Joe, Doctor Stein, Iris, Mon-El, Cisco, Winn, and Malcolm Merlyn playing various roles. Malcolm own a night club where Barry and Kara are performing. Cisco works there and Winn is the piano player. Joe and Stein are Iris’s dads and part of the mob (as is Malcolm). That leaves us with Mon-El who is Malcolm’s son and just so happens to be in love with Iris. It’s a lot to take in, but it plays out well.

When Barry and Kara first enter this state, Music Meister shows up for a rendition of “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” He also makes sure to let them know that if they die in the musical, they die in real life. At this moment, it’s hard to tell just what Music Meister’s intentions are since he’s not actually physically harming Barry or Kara. However, back at STAR Labs, Caitlin believes he’s taking their powers.

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This episode was a breath of fresh air and a much needed break from the current situation in The Flash. My only gripe with this episode is the fact that Kara and Mon-El are back together so soon. They broke up in last night’s episode of Supergirl and I was hopeful that it would stay that way for at least a little bit. Not to mention, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have much better on-screen chemistry than she does with Chris Wood.

Going back to the crew at STAR Labs, they don’t have too terribly much to do this episode, but Cisco, Wally, and J’onn (who reveals himself to the team) go capture Music Meister before he can cause too much harm with Barry and Kara’s powers. Later on when he’s in the cell, Iris and Mon-El pay him a visit and learn they’re the key to saving them. It’s a bit cheesy, but they can save them with their love. Iris, however, felt way more convincing in her concern when Cisco vibes her and Mon-El into the musical.

Overall, Iris gives a strong performance this episode in both of her roles. Barry and Kara are fantastic together, especially during the “Super Friend” number, which is a joy to watch. Despite this being very far from a typical episode, it was executed well and I can only hope for more Supergirl and Flash team ups in the future despite Kara being all the way on Earth-38. We don’t see the entire cast sing this episode, but they do just happen to have a strong enough group of singers to make this episode pleasant. Not to mention, Barry performs “Runnin’ Home To You” to Iris and proposes to her again. It’s a nice little moment to close out the episode.


  • Great chemistry between Barry and Kara
  • Strong performances from the singers in the cast
  • A nice break from the usual gloom on the show as of late

Favorite Lines

  • “I guess I could click my heels together three times.” – Kara“Yeah!” – Barry

    “I was kidding.” – Kara

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