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Let’s Hear it for The Aces!

By Chris Ceary  Asexual Awareness Week is upon us! Asexuality refers to a wide spectrum of people who feel either no sexual attraction, who feel a limited amount of attraction,….

DC Welcomes its Newest Bi-con: Jon Kent!

by Chris Ceary Jon Kent is bisexual! Jon Kent, former Superboy and current Superman is bisexual, canonically, officially. A recent interview with Tom Taylor, writer of Superman: Son of Kal-El,….

Why We Still Need Wonder Woman

We still need Wonder Woman. The 75th anniversary of her first appearance coincides with intense, public, necessary conversations about gender and power. She may be a decades-old fictional character, but….

To: Feminism, Love: Fat Me

To: Feminism, Love: Fat Me By Melissa Megan I’ve never been a member of Fat Club, until now. Ok, until about 2 years ago. At first, I wasn’t happy about….

Diversity and Its Costs in Comics

Diversity. If I were to ask you what this work means, I could easily get enough answers that it would by synonymous with the words actual definition. defines the….

Comic Book Awards, We Have A Problem

In the wake of the Angoulême Grand Prix debacle, I started the painful process of looking over the numbers over the years… the numbers being the ratio of men to….

Diversity Spotlight: Iron Fist

Diversity Spotlight: Iron Fist By Joe DellaPenna There has been a recent call for diversity in the Marvel cinematic universe and a push to cast an Asian-American as the lead….