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‘The Flash S03E16: Into The Speed Force’ Review

The Flash starts with a slow motion look at the team with Barry talking about how his decisions have affected all of them. It felt like an odd choice for a show full of speedsters, but it was a brief scene. Barry spends the majority of this episode in the speed force and the team can’t do too much while he’s gone since they are monitoring his vitals. Jesse decides to go after Savitar by herself and her and HR are able to figure out a weakness.

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Cisco gets back to making gadgets and focusing on science some more this episode. He starts by making a tether for Barry so that they can pull him out of the speed force if he gets into trouble. Aside from that and the interactions between HR and Jesse, the team is largely out of the picture this episode. Cisco apparently goes to get Jay Garrick at some point, but we don’t get to see that.

It felt a little unnecessary to see Eddie, Ronnie, and Snart all in the speed force essentially telling Barry the same thing, but it was nice to see those characters again, especially Snart. Snart’s talk with Barry felt like the most impactful of the group. While talking to Snart, Jay Garrick shows up and ultimately takes Wally’s place in the speed force. It’s a great moment between Jay and Barry and shows that Jay understands just how valuable Barry is to the world and that he’s crucial to stopping Savitar.

This episode’s reveal of Savitar being a man instead of a god felt unnecessary. That already seemed evident from previous episodes when Barry fought him and when he tried to take the armor off. However, we see Jesse and HR work together to find a weak spot in the suit and that’s something the team can use to their advantage moving forward.

Jesse was the main person that was focused on as Barry was in the speed force. She makes the rash decision to go after Savitar by herself which makes little sense considering she saw what happened when Wally did that. It feels more irresponsible than necessary and HR is the only one who tries to stop her really. Cisco mentions staying put, but that’s about it.

Overall, this was a solid episode for Barry as a character, even if he tells Iris they need a break. With the next episode being the musical episode, we probably won’t get any Savitar action until after that.


  • Jay sacrificing himself to save Wally is the most heroic part of the episode
  • Barry wants to marry Iris but pushes her away for now
  • Snart makes an appearance
  • Jesse makes some not so great decisions

Favorite Line

  • “To infinity and beyond.” – Cisco

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