Letter From The Editor: Women in Comics Week

Dear Readers,

My mother, Michelle Shortle, has always been a role model for me. An amazing woman who, to this young man, is the epitome of a selfless, generous, kind, and loving human being. Not only did she teach me how to be strong, how to be sensitive, and to believe in who I was and what I could do, but she also is the reason I love the nerdy stuff I do.

I tell you these positive things about my mom, because I want this coming week to follow a similar tenor and tone. We here at Talking Comics have a deep and abiding respect for the contributions that both female creators and female characters, have made to the comic book world, and we want nothing more than to celebrate them.

There is problem in the comic book industry. The percentage of female creators is insultingly low, we see it just like you do, but instead of making the next five days about being negative, we are choosing to show you some of the outstanding women who make this industry go everyday and bring you some really entertaining content in the process.

This week, you are going to see a plethora of fantastic pieces from both your seasoned Talking Comics team, and our staff of super talented new comers. We are going to be bringing you four podcasts this week, which include interviews with Fiona Staples, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Trina Robbins, and our normal Talking Comics Podcast, where we will go over some of our favorite Female Comic Book Character of All Time.

We will also have great written content. There will be top ten lists from Steve, Bob and myself, a review of the new Captain Marvel book, an editorial on Stephanie Brown , Character Spotlights, written interviews and much, much more.

I want to personally thank all of our guests, contributors and editors for all they have done to make this possible, and of course, thank you mom, for being the only super hero I ever really needed.

Now, from all of us at Talking Comics, enjoy Women in Comics week!

Bobby Shortle

Editor in Chief

Talking Comics



2 thoughts on “Letter From The Editor: Women in Comics Week

  1. Super stoked for this week! And what a great tribute to your mom! Can’t wait for all the content on the way. Plus 4 podcasts in one week? Huzzah!

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