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The Road to SDCC: Arrow

CW ArrowEver since Smallville we’ve been silently hoping for a good Green Arrow show. Though it’s not the actor we’ve become endeared to, our wishes were granted. We’ve seen some trailers and photos to peak our interests, now we get our first big crack at it at San Diego Comic-Con. Read on to see why this panel will be one to watch this SDCC!

So far CW has confirmed that Arrow is showing up this year to SDCC, at best giving us a chance to look at some of the story and characters in season one and or a full screening of episode one. It’s already been well advertised that the first season is going to focus on the origin story and Green Arrow’s first arc in character development. From what I can discern there will be a few changes with Green Arrow’s story, mostly to include more character interaction and development. The draw back is that we’re going to end up with a Clark/Lana situation if the story goes overboard with it.

I am a little releaved to see some inclusion of Deathstroke, Wade Wilson, in the series because he is a persistant and effective threat in the DC universe and can present numerous challenges to GA. Having him killed off or phased out would be somewhat disappointing. I think it might be a little bit of a call-back to a conflict during Identity Crisis where Deathstroke levels a Justice League team with ease but then Green Arrow throws Deathstroke off long enough to let the team reform and overtake him. Later Deathstroke leaves a similar sort of present for Green Arrow promising revenge.

Deathstroke Mask from Arrow
Deathstroke Mask from Arrow
Deathstroke Mask
Deathstroke Mask from Identity Crisis









I love how similar the two are, and I really hope this signals a great arc in the series. Beyond that we’ll have to wait for further details from the Arrow panel but we are able to see the first episode during Preview Night at SDCC, stay tuned!

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