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Batman the Movie Retro Review

June 23 is a special date for me. To be specific June 23, 1989. Thirty-One years ago, I had an experience that forever has changed my life. On June 23,….

Shazam! Movie Review

Two things have become apparent since DC/Warner Brothers have decided to drop their forced continuity in their films- They have become very good and a whole hell of a lot of….

The Aquaman Movie Review

DC/Warner has finally found a formula for their shared movie universe, damn the forced continuity, get rid of the darkness, and just have some fun. At its core that is what….

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Batman: Arkham Origins Review By Bobby Shortle Have you ever been to see a really great cover band? One that plays the songs just like the album you love so….

Lets Play: Scribblenauts Unmasked

Bob, Steve and Bobby sit down with Scibblenauts: Unmasked to see what the newest DC branded installment has to offer  and Mr. Reyer puts his knowledge of the DC Universe….

The Road to SDCC: Arrow

Ever since Smallville we’ve been silently hoping for a good Green Arrow show. Though it’s not the actor we’ve become endeared to, our wishes were granted. We’ve seen some trailers….

CW Gets Its Lead Actor For Arrow

Today I spent the better part of my afternoon looking up an actor by the name of Stephen Amell.  Prior to this afternoon, I hadn’t heard of this guy and….

Review: Batman: Arkham City Mini-Series

Batman: Arkham City Mini-Series Written by Paul Dini Drawn by Carlos D’Anda Reviewed by Brad Jones SPOILER ALERT: THIS REVIEW WILL DISCUSS THE EVENTS FROM BOTH THE BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM….