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Action Comics #1017 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Pencils: John Romita Jr. Inks: Klaus Janson Colors: Brad Anderson Letters: Dave Sharpe DC has a problem. DC has a glut of events that are overlapping (unintentionally….

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #2 Review

Writer: Matt Fraction Artist: Steve Lieber Colors: Nathan Fairbairn Letters: Clayton Cowles The misguided adventures of Superman’s best friend continue in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #2. Just like the previous….

Superwoman #7 Review

Script & Layouts: Phil Jimenez Finishes: Matt Santorelli Pencils/Inks: Jack Herbert (pages 6-16) Letters: Josh Reed Colors: Hi-Fi Superwoman #7 concludes the Who Killed Superwoman storyline that began in issue….

Forever Evil #7 Review

Forever Evil #7 Written by Geoff Johns Pencils by David Finch Inks by Richard Friend Colors by Sonia Oback Review by Bobby Shortle There is no one better than Geoff….

Action Comics #23.3: Lex Luthor Review

Action Comics #23.3: Lex Luthor Written by Charles Soule Art by Raymund Bermudez Reviewed by Sean Lamont Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and Clancy Brown are just a few of the….

Bizarro #1 Review

Bizarro #1 Review Writer: Sholly Fisch Pencils: Jeff Johnson Colors: Javier Mena and Jordie Bellair Inks: Andy Smith Letters: John J. Hill Review by Patrick Brennan And so it begins. ….

Action Comics #7 Review

Action Comics #7 Written by Grant Morrison Pencils by Rags Morales Review by Bobby Shortle We’ve always accepted that the world loves Superman and, that he in turn, feels an….

Smallville Season 11 Announced

It’s not secret that superhero movies and TV shows are either really good or really bad. There doesn’t seem to be any medium ground as far as they go. One….

Review: Action Comics #4

Action Comics #4 Title: Superman and The Men of Steel Written by Grant Morrison Pencils by Rags Morales and Brad Walker Inks by Rich Bryant and Sean Parsons Bobby Shortle says:….