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Superwoman #7 Review

Superwoman #7

Script & Layouts: Phil Jimenez

Finishes: Matt Santorelli

Pencils/Inks: Jack Herbert (pages 6-16)

Letters: Josh Reed

Colors: Hi-Fi

Superwoman #7 concludes the Who Killed Superwoman storyline that began in issue #1. Phil Jimenez once again proves that he is not only an excellent artist but also a solid storyteller as he has weaved this cliffhanger laden story from start to finish with the skill of a concimate comic pro. When Superwoman began there were grumblings of a bait and switch. So much of the early promotion and even the cover to issue #1 promoted the book as the New 52 Lois Lane being the star of the book only to have Lana Lang become the principal protagonist by Superwoman #2. Yet those readers who decided to stay with it, which everyone should have, have been part of an escalating adventure that culminates with this issue but in classic comic book storytelling leaves enough questions to bring the readers back.

What I have loved about Superwoman is that it has felt like a classic comic book. In that I mean that the book is dense, as Phil Jimenez isn’t afraid to put a lot of detail into his layouts nor is he afraid of dialogue and caption boxes. Superwoman #7 continued this style and amplified it with several full page spreads and a lot of detailed action sequence as everything that has been set up over the previous six issues comes to a head.

Lena Luthor: Ultrawoman

Superwoman #7 is jammed full of story as Metropolis is once again threatened with disaster, this time by Lena Luthor, who over the past few issues has donned a enormous green battle suit in the style of her brother Lex’s classic green armor, and has made it her goal to destroy her brother and his legacy. Calling herself Ultrawoman Lena has taken control of the Gestalt, Lex’s flying battle fortress, as well as his skyscraper and unleashed a legion of bizzaro Ultrawoman, cloned from the Earth 3 Ultrawoman, upon Metropolis. Superwoman has invaded Luthorcorp to rescue Lex, as she is convinced he is the only one who can stop his sister. A turncoat bizzaro known as B-Zero-S AKA Bizaress, Lex’s personal assistant Mercy, the Atomic Skull, and the ghost of Lois Lane join Superwoman on her rescue mission and subsequent confrontation with Ultrawoman. On the other side of town Steel, his niece Natasha  and an assortment of longtime Superman supporting characters as well as some new faces defend the city until Superwoman can save the day. In lesser hands this book could have devolved into a jumbled mess but with Jimenez guiding the story it has incredible pacing and some really wonderful statements on society mixed in with it’s super hero action.

It’s nice to see Phil Jimenez back at DC on some of their classic characters. I remember his run on Wonder Woman fondly and he is doing some wonderful things with Superwoman as well that I hope will continue. Unfortunately he doesn’t do all of the artwork in this book but is joined by finisher Matt Santorelli and penciler/inker Jack Herbert who draws half the issue but it is a seamless transition as Herbert’s style matches Jimenez’s perfectly. I’m not familiar with Jack Herbert’s art before this issue but what I saw I like and hopefully we see some more of it in the future. I thought early in the run Santorelli’s inks were a little to thick and dark on Jimenez’s classic lines but over the past few issues the two have really started to meld and the book has looked amazing. I’m hoping to see more from this team on this book for some time, although they are not in the most recent solicitations but I am hoping that is just for the Superman crossover event this spring and Jimenez and company is back this summer but if not this was a fun seven issue story and one I will look back on fondly.

Verdict: Buy! Superwoman feels like a classic super hero story in modern times. It is dense and well thought out with a beautiful message. It is nice to see the classic interpretations of Superman’s supporting cast as they align themselves with Metropolis’s newest hero.

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