Superman/Batman Gets Its Lex Luthor and Alfred


The upcoming Man of Steel 2, usually referred to as Superman/Batman, has finally cast its Lex Luthor after months of speculation and rumors. Jesse Eisenberg, the Academy-Award nominated star of such films as The Social Network and Zombieland, will be playing the villain. Though younger than most adaptations of the character (in both comics and film), writer/director Zack Snyder had this to say about casting Eisenberg in the role:

“Lex Luthor is often considered the most notorious of Superman’s rivals, his unsavory reputation preceding him since 1940. What’s great about Lex is that he exists beyond the confines of the stereotypical nefarious villain. He’s a complicated and sophisticated character whose intellect, wealth and prominence position him as one of the few mortals able to challenge the incredible might of Superman. Having Jesse in the role allows us to explore that interesting dynamic, and also take the character in some new and unexpected directions.”

Also cast this morning was the role of Alfred, Batman’s right hand man, father figure and confidant. Academy-Award winner Jeremy Irons, best known for his roles as Scar in The Lion King and a myriad Shakespearean adaptions, was cast as the butler and Snyder had this to say about the decision to cast Irons in the role:

“He is an absolutely critical element in the intricate infrastructure that allows Bruce Wayne to transform himself into Batman. It is an honor to have such an amazingly seasoned and gifted actor as Jeremy taking on the important role of the man who mentors and guides the guarded and nearly impervious façade that encapsulates Bruce Wayne.”

Superman/Batman will be released May 6th, 2016.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the casting of Eisenberg and Irons? Are you looking forward to the film? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Superman/Batman Gets Its Lex Luthor and Alfred

  1. I like it….

    Jeremy Irons is great and Eisenberg is a terrific actor. I wont argue that it isnt odd casting but I’m going to make the same argument I always do. Heath Ledger. The internet went bat shit crazy when he was cast as Joker and look what happened. I think as long as we don’t get a Bat suit with nipples the film cant be THAT bad… Hopefully.

    I guess this would be a good time to say that I am 110% behind Josh Holloway playing Aquaman also, anyone says a bad thing about Lost I will cut you…

  2. Here’s the deal, Jesse Eisenberg is no longer, nor was he ever in my opinion, the stammering, awkward “poor man’s Michael Cera.” He’s a skillful actor who, despite his appearance, is plenty old enough to play this part. Lex Luthor doesn’t have to be a bald-headed, middle aged business man, although the magic of makeup could fix that. The modern world’s Lex Luthor is much more likely to be a younger, social media tycoon, which as we all know, he can play very well. Once again, the internet saw something they didn’t like (although it was given no thought), and here we are wasting time conversing about: a.) something we have no ability to change, and b.) something that will more than likely be good, a la Heath Ledger. Bottom line, this dude is probably going to nail it and those people who are busy tweeting pessimistic, reactive crap are going to feel awful silly for having been so brash.

    p.s. Is there any chance Alfred will be branded with a heinous scar over his eye and sing “Be Prepared” to Bruce?

  3. I’m not entirely sold on this yet. I mean I think jesse eisenberg is a great actor but I just don’t know if he’s at the right age for this role. And i know the role could certainly be altered slightly to fit his age, and they could do what they did with Heath Ledger and he could make it his own, but I don’t have the same trust with the creative talents behind this movie like I did with the batman trilogy. I’m certainly willing to be proven wrong but I’m just not sure that this is going to work.

  4. I agree entirely with Casey Crawford, above. Eisenburg is most definitely a Ledger-esque wildcard for a villain. His resume is strong in comedy and drama. Hoping that Superman/Batman isn’t as purely dark as Man of Steel – this film could play very well to his strengths. If this role IS meant to be dark, his performance will be new and interesting for sure.

    As for Irons…. I’m not feeling feeling it. I can’t shake the image of him as Simon from Die Hard. But, he is a great actor. So, who knows – he might crush it.

  5. Not sold on any of the casting of this movie so far (other thens Supe’s). Jesse, Jeremy…and possibly the Rock? Plus not liking the choice for Wonder woman (I like the actress…just not particularly as Wonder Woman). I hope I’m pleasantly surprised…but I wont hold my breath…

  6. I seriously thought this was a joke when I first read it but after some contemplation, I’m on board with this. He is a great actor and pretty much plays an a-hole in The Social Network. Plus, if you picture him bald, he kind of actually looks like Lex. I can already picture some great scenes with him and I can’t wait for this freakin movie!

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