Author: Adam Shaw

Adam is the "Valiant Guy" for Talking Comics. He is the host of the Talking Valiant podcast. Adam also has immense knowledge of the old Star Wars expanded universe. He's a high school English teacher by day, and has a Master's degree in second language acquisition. He lives in Tokyo. You can find him on Twitter @KnowNothingNerd

Archer & Armstrong #6 Review

Archer & Armstrong #6 Written by Fred Van Lente Art by Emanuela Lupachino Inks by Guillermo Ortego Colors by Matt Milla Review by Adam Shaw   When I first saw….

Bloodshot #7 Review

Bloodshot #7 Written by Duane Swierczynski Pencils by Matthew Clark Inks by Stefano Gaudiano Colors by Moose Bauman & Chris Sotomayor Letters by Rob Steen Review by Adam Shaw  ….

New Avengers #2 Review

New Avengers #2 Written by Jonathan Hickman Pencils by Steve Epting Inked by Rick Magyar with Steve Epting Colors by Frank D’armata Review by Adam Shaw   Jonathan Hickman is….

Captain America #3 Review

Captain America #3 Written by Rick Remender Pencils by John Romita Jr. Inked by Klaus Janson Colored by Dean White with Lee Loughridge Review by Adam Shaw   Captain America….

Shadowman #3 Review

Shadowman #3 Written by Justin Jordan & Patrick Zircher Art by Patrick Zircher Colors by Brian Reber Letters by Rob Steen Review by Adam Shaw Shadowman is the newest series….

Peter Panzerfaust #8 Review

Peter Panzerfaust #8 Words by Kurtis Wiebe Pictures by Tyler Jenkins Colors by Heather Breckel Letters by Ed Brisson Review by Adam Shaw   Peter Panzerfaust has thus far been….