Author: Jay Barrett

Jay Barrett is a Netflix connoisseur. He's spent years curating his queue list and studying how the streaming service has evolved throughout the years. His achievements include: eating 27 chicken tenders in one sitting, bench-pressing over 275 lbs., and becoming a Pokemon master. He's a national treasure.

Batman #50 Review

Batman #50 is a poignant, character-defining, and achingly cruel moment in Batman’s 80 year history. Since taking the reins on the character in 2016, Tom King (writer) has been asking….

Batman #24 Review

****SPOILERS********SPOILERS********SPOILERS********SPOILERS****   Batman just proposed to Catwoman! After 77 years of flirtation, forbidden attraction, mulitversal collapses, reboots, and elseworld stories, the bat and the cat are fixin’ to get hitched…..

X-Men Gold #2 Review

Writer: Marc Guggenheim X-Men Gold #2 is simple, effective, and timely as Guggenheim is slowly helming the X-Men back to their former glory. We rejoin the story after the last issue’s….

All-Star Batman #9 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder Pencils: Jock Colors: Lee Loughridge Letters: Steve Wands Scott Snyder can do no wrong when it comes to Batman. Why? Because he understands the history and meaning of the character better….

X-Men Gold #1 Review

Writer: Marc Guggenheim X-Men Gold #1 is a welcome, glorious, return to mediocre that comic X-fans have been begging for since 2012. It’s been a dark, macabre several years for homo….

Coady and the Creepies #1 Review

Writer: Liz Prince Artist: Amanda Kirk Colors: Hannah Fisher Letters: Jim Campbell Coady and the Creepies would have absolutely been published by your middle school newspaper but I don’t know why anyone over the age….

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love Review

Writer: Sarah Vaughn Art: Lan Medina Colors: Jose Villarrubia Letters: Janice Chiang Reading this new Deadman book will remind you of that one emo/goth friend you had in high school. It’s sometimes fun but it’s….

Batman #16 Review

Writer: Tom King Pencils + Ink: David Finch Colors: Jordan Bellaire Letters: David Finch, Jordan Bellaire, Danny Miki   Batman #16 will make you laugh and scream as Tom King….

BvC: Gay Iceman vs. Gay Daredevil

Welcome to Barrett vs. Comics!!!!! That’s right, I’m Brutal Barrett and I’m here to fight comic books [Editor’s Note: wait, what?]!!!! You already know me from all my gloriously insightful reviews on the….

The Dregs #1 Review

Writers: Lonnie Nadler + Zac Thompson Art: Eric Zawadzki Colors: Dee Cunniffe The Dregs #1 tackles the expansive socioeconomic gap between the homeless and rich using a brilliantly provocative metaphor; cannibalism!!!….