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Batman #24 Review



Batman just proposed to Catwoman! After 77 years of flirtation, forbidden attraction, mulitversal collapses, reboots, and elseworld stories, the bat and the cat are fixin’ to get hitched.

In retrospect, this is the most logical next move for Tom King’s “Batman.” King’s run hasn’t been so much about Batman as it is about Bruce Wayne. We’ve seen the toll and heartbreak he endures while being Gotham’s savior in the opening arc, explored his true motivations and psyche while under the cowl in the second, and saw him travel the multiverse with The Flash and to meet his father in the last. And what did his father say? Stop being Batman, find some happiness.

I, for one, applaud the plot development. So many writers in recent years have been more concerned with the myth of Batman than Batman himself. Grant Morrison’s was designed to illustrate the Dark Knight’s indomitable spirit, Scott Snyder’s was about the myth of Batman and how it affected the world around him, but King’s isn’t about Batman at all; it’s about Bruce Wayne.

Yes, this issue and all of the other ones have impeccable writing and plotting. The dialogue is concise yet potent and insightful. David Finch is on the art and it’s David Finch. You know it’s good, do you really need me to talk about it? That’s what I thought. But what is truly remarkable about this issue and King’s run is that he, better than arguably anyone else, is giving us a the most human look at Batman in 77 years.

Verdict: Instant Classic

King’s run will most assuredly be ranked among the O’Neils, Morrisons, Loebs, and Snyders. Through his commitment to centering his story on Bruce Wayne rather than Batman, King is telling the last truly unique Batman story that people will be talking about for years. Oh yea, and Batman is getting married and for once it seems legit. Buy this as fast as you can because this may very well become a collector’s item.

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