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All-Star Batman #9 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder

Pencils: Jock

Colors: Lee Loughridge

Letters: Steve Wands

Scott Snyder can do no wrong when it comes to Batman. Why? Because he understands the history and meaning of the character better than any writer since Bill Finger and this issue proves it. In this singular issue, he effortlessly surmises and distills the very essence of who Batman is and what his stories are meant to convey. Let’s break it down.

This issue concludes the ongoing “Ends of the Earth” arc that has seen Batman travel across the world to investigate and combat a dangerous pathogen that has been released onto the world. Along the way he’s fought, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and the Mad Hatter as he finally finds the man behind it all, Ra’s Al-Ghul. Cue the standard Ra’s machinations and story set-up. A passive observer may dismiss the story as a stand megalomaniac wants to destroy the world arc but this story is so much more than that. Snyder himself has gone on record noting that this arc was meant to be taken as an allegory for many of the apprehensions going on in the world right now. Fear and turmoil seem to be the in vogue trends and motifs on the news right now and Snyder wanted to use Batman to comment on this situation in its grand abstraction.

To that end, he’s had Batman travel the world in these four issues to combat very different villains who present very different threats to the world. And despite how apocalyptic each issue of this arc has felt, Snyder has made it a point to emphasize how well Batman is able to persevere. Sure that’s nothing new to a Batman story but Snyder goes farther here. Snyder reminds us that Batman isn’t just vengeance, Batman isn’t just the night, Batman is hope. Batman is the hope for a better tomorrow. Batman is the promise that you can rise above your surroundings and lot in life to become stronger. Batman is the reminder that you can fight to make yourself and your world a better place.

Everything Batman is in one speech bubble.


Verdict: Shut up and go buy this.

It’s Snyder on Batman. This issue was filled with action, character moments, and gives us an unforgettable and inspirational “rah-rah” speech.

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