Bob was rocketed to Earth as an infant after his parents were scared by a huge bat! Landing on an island of Amazons, he was injected with the super-soldier serum and sent into space where he was bombarded with cosmic rays!
This might explain his love for comics, but probably not. ‘Nuff said?

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Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5

Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5   (Image) Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick Artist: Emma Rios Colors: Jordie Bellaire Letters: Clayton Cowles A Review by Bob Reyer So as not to bury the lede, Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5 might just be my…

Captain Marvel: My Hero!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: MY HERO! An open letter by Bob Reyer Gentle readers and listeners, Initially, my plan was to write this piece as if Kit "Lt. Trouble" Renner (the creator of the above comic as seen in the issue to…