Killadelphia #16

Rodney Barnes, Writer Jason Shawn Alexander, Artist Luis NCT, Colors Marshall Dillon, Letters Recap In the previous issue, Jupiter pursues a confrontation with Thomas Jefferson, Seesaw seeks to have a

Second Chances #1

Ricky Mammone, writer Max Bertolini, art DC Hopkins, letters Recap This story explores the question: How do I make up for poor decisions? It suggests that if we do not find the right answers then the past will come

Killadelphia #14

Writer, Rodney Barnes Art, Jason Shawn Alexander Colors, Luis NCT Lettering, Marshall Dillon Recap The issue begins with the inner monologue of Abigail Adams and the visual aesthetic of her leading a horde of

Bitter Root #11

This issue serves to remind the reader of this complex world that’s been developed in the first ten issues. Bitter Root is a story about a family, The Sangeryes, who fight evil through roots. Roots are used to create a

Killadelphia #11

Rodney Barnes, writer Jason Shawn Alexander, art Luis NCT, colors Marshall Dillon, Letters Recap Each issue of this arc has introduced the backstory of one of the main characters. Last issue, we learned about the