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Coming Soon! Perpetually Overthinking

Perpetually Overthinking issue #0: Coming Soon! by Chris Ceary (@themythofpsyche) Banner art by Jess from Heart to Life Designs If you are the kind of person who likes to give….

Let’s Hear it for The Aces!

By Chris Ceary  Asexual Awareness Week is upon us! Asexuality refers to a wide spectrum of people who feel either no sexual attraction, who feel a limited amount of attraction,….

Avengers: Endgame Review With Spoilers

***********SPOILERS***********   “I am Iron Man.” These four words defined Tony Stark at the end of 2008s Iron Man, a film that not only began the MCU but also started….

Shazam! Movie Review

Two things have become apparent since DC/Warner Brothers have decided to drop their forced continuity in their films- They have become very good and a whole hell of a lot of….

Deadly Class Episode 1 Review

I’m always hesitant when I hear that a favorite comic is going to be turned into a television show or movie. But in this day and age where every studio….

The Aquaman Movie Review

DC/Warner has finally found a formula for their shared movie universe, damn the forced continuity, get rid of the darkness, and just have some fun. At its core that is what….