The Logic & Love of Characters

Most of us would proclaim a fictional character as our “favorite”, but have we ever given thought as to the reasons behind the choice, whether our own or others’? Through….

Dreaming Eagles #1 Review

Dreaming Eagles #1 (of 6) Creator & Writer – Garth Ennis Artist – Simon Coleby Colorist – John Kalisz Letterer – Rob Steen Review by Joey Braccino Full disclosure: I’m….

Panel Review 101 – Captain America Comics #1

Panel Review 101 w/ Mr. B Welcome to Panel Review 101 with your professor**, Mr. Braccino! Using his hyper-intellectual power of literary analysis and uncanny knack for identifying metaphors from any distance,….

Peter Panzerfaust #15 Review

Peter Panzerfaust #15 Words by Kurtis Wiebe Pictures by Tyler Jenkins Colors by Heather Breckel Letters by Ed Brisson   Issue #15 brings about an emotional close to the third….

Peter Panzerfaust #13 Review

Peter Panzerfaust #13 Written by Kurtis  Wiebe Art by Tyler Jenkins Colors by Heather Breckel Letters by Ed Brisson   With this week’s release of Peter Panzerfaust #13 we are….

Captain Midnight #1 Review

Captain Midnight #1 Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Fernando Dagnino Colorist: Ego Letterer: Nate Piekos Review by Joey Braccino Captain Midnight soars again for Dark Horse Comics, except this time, he’s….

Captain America #19 Review

  Captain America #19 Written by Ed Brubaker Art by Steve Epting Color Art by Frank D’Armata Review by Joey Braccino ‘Tis a sad day. Today, Ed Brubaker’s Captain America….

Captain America & Namor #635.1 Review

Captain America & Namor #635.1 Written by Cullen Bunn Art by Will Conrad Colors by Cris Peter Review by Joey Braccino It’s World War II! Captain America and Namor team-up….