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Forever Evil #2 Review

Forever Evil #2 Written by Geoff Johns Art by David Finch Reviewed by Sean Lamont After the first chapter of Forever Evil slammed into the DCU with enough force to….

Aquaman #23.2: Ocean Master #1 Review

AQUAMAN #23.2: OCEAN MASTER #1 REVIEW Writers: Geoff Johns and Tony Bedard Artist: Geraldo Borges Inker: Ruy Jose Colorist: Rod Reis Review by Suzanne Nagda Two weeks ago, I was….

Issue #100: Live in Patchogue!

Issue #100: Live in Patchogue!  | Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics Download Directly From iTunes Feedburner Link It’s Talking Comics 100th episode live from Reese’s in Patchogue, NY!  Bob, Steve….

The Flash #23.3: The Rogues Review

The Flash #23.3: The Rogues Written by Brian Buccellato Art by Patrick Zircher Reviewed by Sean Lamont I’m going to come right out and say it, I absolutely love The….

JLA #7.3 Shadow Thief #1 Review

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.3 SHADOW THIEF #1 REVIEW Writer: Tom DeFalco Artist: Chad Hardin Colorist: Chris Sotomayor Review by Suzanne Nagda Shadow Thief is a character with a promising….

Comics and Coffee 9/19/13

Welcome to the Talking Comics’ morning show Comics and Coffee! Two or three times a week Bobby Shortle and a Talking Comics contributor will talk about the news of the previous….

Action Comics #23.3: Lex Luthor Review

Action Comics #23.3: Lex Luthor Written by Charles Soule Art by Raymund Bermudez Reviewed by Sean Lamont Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and Clancy Brown are just a few of the….

Superman 23.2: Brainiac #1 Review

Superman #23.2: Brainiac #1 Writer: Tony Bedard Artist: Pascal Alixe Colorist: Hi-Fi Letterer: John J. Hill Review by Patrick Brennan Attempting to breathe humanity into a villain is a very….

Batman #23.2: Riddler #1

Batman #23.2: Riddler #1 Story: Scott Snyder & Ray Fawkes Writer: Ray Fawkes Artist: Jeremy Haun Colorist: John Rausch Letterer: Taylor Esposito Review by Patrick Brennan It’s funny how the….