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MCM London – October 2018

This past weekend saw the return of MCM to the London Excel centre, and in many respects what a triumphant return it was. I’m going to give you a few….

I-Con 32: The Return!

I-Con 32: The Return A Convention Re-cap by Bob Reyer After a five-year hiatus, I-Con has returned! Long Island’s biggest convention, correctly billed as “The Northeast’s largest non-profit convention of science fiction,….

Why Cosplay?

Why Cosplay? By Ashley Hay If you’re a cosplayer, you know the struggles of explaining and defending what it is to people. Whether people ask how we made something or….

Uncanny Cosplay #2

Let’s face it, we all wish we could be the characters we love. While we may never have super powers, some hard-core fans set out to dress up as those….

ECCC 2014 Gallery

There will hopefully be a more elaborate write-up to accompany this post in the near future, but over the weekend, I was at Emerald City Comicon (aka ECCC) in Seattle,….

Splash Page 8.2.13

Compiled by Brian Verderosa. Written by many, many hardworking people. Hello everybody and welcome to a new feature here on Talking Comics, Splash Page. Here we will be compiling tidbits and….