Shoot, Quick! S4 E9 Long Live the Supergirl Reign, We are the Flash, Legends of SciFi Tropes and Another Gangster Villain on Arrow aka The BerlanTVerse Part 2

We’re back after a 2 month hiatus (Sorry!) and returning to the BerlanTVerse covering the second half of all four shows.


From Arrow’s whispering villain who we don’t really care about but an interesting Black Siren plotline, to a Flash long game plot with that one step ahead Thinker and a future time baby to ramp you up for the next season; from Supergirl making Nevena emotional constantly with so many good moments, to the Legends enjoying the best of scifi fortunately including groundhog day and unfortunately including Bebo, join Keith, Paola, Nevena, and Alison as they cover way too much TV.

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