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Talking Movies episode 139: The Stephen King Experience – Stand By Me

With The Dark Tower in theaters this week and a new adaptation of It on the horizon, it’s time for Talking Movies to take on all things Stephen King.

First up is a discussion of Stand By Me, an 80s-era coming-of-age classic that, somehow, Brian hadn’t seen until now. Did he love the movie as much as co-hosts Nick and Chris, both of whom consider this one of the best page-to-screen translations of King they’ve ever seen? Find out that and much more as we take another life-changing walk down the ol’ railroad tracks, along the way considering everything from the late River Phoenix’s incredible screen presence to King’s sentimental streak to the unfortunate career trajectory of Rob Reiner.

Plus: Brian checks out a little-seen but intriguing-sounding 2014 film starring Zoe Kazan and John Carroll Lynch, Chris dishes on an ongoing horror franchise that keeps on delivering the goods, and Nick is caught up in the heat of battles both historical (in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk) and virtual (in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds). Give it a listen, join us next week for our take on The Dark Tower, and stick around for a whole lot of King-related movie talk to come!

Talking Movies 139: The Stephen King Experience – Stand By Me

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