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‘The Flash S03E15: The Wrath of Savitar’ Review

The Flash keeps the hits coming with Savitar. We see a lot more of the character in this episode. The team talks to him through Julian and Wally continues to have Savitar playing tricks on his mind. Not to mention, this episode provides us with some egotistical tension between Wally and Barry. It makes for a great storyline, but at the same time is a cause of frustration.

The episode starts with a light, fun time when Wally times in as fast enough to save Iris. The team rejoices and then Iris announces that her and Barry are engaged. From there, things go down a more grim path. Once the team finds out that Wally didn’t tell them about seeing Savitar for a week, tensions rise. Barry wants Wally to sit things out since they don’t know if Savitar is spying on them through him. It’s a reasonable thought since Savitar is still largely a mystery to them. However, Wally sees it as Barry trying to do everything himself, which he isn’t.

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One other thing of note is that Jesse seems to only go out as a speedster when it’s for fun or for training in this episode. She’s not out there helping when there’s a fire, which is a normal call for the team. It would be great to see her in action some more. Hopefully the writers don’t do to her what they’ve done with Iris. Iris feels like she’s just Barry’s girlfriend a lot of the time and is just around the team for moral support. Since Jesse has powers, that would be a huge disservice to her character (as it is for Iris, too).

Caitlin plays a fairly important role in this episode. She kept part of the Philosopher’s Stone in the hopes that she could get rid of her powers. Initially, Julian is extremely upset, but the team is more understanding of it. Then, once they find out that Savitar can’t return without it, they feel a sense of relief. That relief quickly goes away once they realize Wally took the stone to throw it into the speed force.

It’s safe to say that Wally lets his ego get the best of him and plays right into Savitar’s hand. He also is the cause of tension between Iris and Barry when he says Iris doesn’t have a ring on in the future. And she doesn’t by the end of the episode either, so this could all be playing out exactly as the initial scenario anyway. It felt childish for Wally to announce it that way and Jesse even confronts him about it later. He realizes what he did was wrong and tries to fix it by doing exactly what Savitar wants. Needless to say, this episode is not Wally’s finest moment.

A lot happens to take in and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the end. So far, it looks like not enough of the future is changed to save Iris. Maybe we’ll even see Barry change and decide to kill Savitar instead of letting him live knowing he can find a way out of the Speed Force.


  • Wally let’s his ego get the best of him and it turns out horribly for everyone
  • Caitlin’s betrayal of the team actually would have benefited them
  • HR provides some comedic relief for an otherwise pretty grim episode
  • Joe continues to played the concerned dad role well
  • Barry now needs to find a new way to defeat Savitar with Wally gone

Favorite Lines

  • “Why don’t you take it down a little tiger mom?” – Cisco to HR
  • “You guys can count me out because I didn’t bring an endless supply of boxers to this planet.” – HR

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