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Talking Movies Mini-Episode #4: If They’re In, We’re In

Our biweekly mini-episodes return, and in the latest, the Talking Movies boys take a break from tackling directors  to focus on the folks in front of the camera. We ponder the question, who are our favorite actors and actresses, the ones we love seeing on screen so much that we’ll catch them in anything — even if the film’s pre-release buzz is bad, it’s in a genre we’re not big fans of, or for whatever other reason, we wouldn’t ordinarily plan on seeing it. Along with that, we’ve got the obligatory Robocop references, some good news for fans of Exorcist 3, and a very brief look at the very brief acting career of Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Check it out, and join us next week for the next entry in our series on director Brian De Palma!

Talking Minis Episode 4: If They’re In, We’re In

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