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Talking Games Episode #23: Our Top 5 Favorite Handheld Games Of All Time

Talking Games Episode #23: Our Top 5 Favorite Handheld Games Of All Time

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Right on, right on, welcome to another episode of the Talking Games podcast! This week, Steve, Rob, Jacqui, and special guest Bobby Shortle dig deep within their memory banks to create a list of their Top 5 Favorite Handheld Games Of All Time! We pull games from all corners of the portable gaming universe to deliver the bulk of this week’s show, but oh, what’s that? You want more, do ya? Well, adding to our main topic, we discuss that P.T. interactive trailer and what it might mean for the future of the Horror gaming genre.

Additionally, we give you a crash course on many of the ways for you to get the most out of Diablo 3 The Ultimate Evil Edition. Want to know how to build a bad ass character? Don’t know what to do with all of that sweet loots? We’ll be sure to send you down the right path, by sharing a few tips and tricks. Still want more, eh? I can see it in your eyes. How about discussing a little Elite Beat Agents, Rogue Legacy, Mario Kart 8, and a metric butt ton of titles past for the Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, Sony PSP, and even the Atari Lynx?! It’s all of that and more on this week’s episode of the Takling Games podcast! Game on!

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