Velvet Vol. 1 Before the Living End TP Review

Velvet Vol. 1 Before the Living End TP Review

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art by Steve Epting

Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser

Review by Justin Townson

Over eight years ago, Ed Brubaker had an idea for an ongoing comic that he wanted to write. However, instead of writing it, he choose to wait years for his longtime artist and friend Steve Epting to complete his contract with Marvel Comics.  When the time came for them to collaborate on the idea, Velvet was created and the timing could not have been more perfect.

Right now, the conversation of female representation in comic books is at an all time high. Velvet has given us another terrific female led book that’s filled with intrigue, action and gorgeous artwork. The concept of the super spy thriller is quite familiar to both Brubaker and Epting – as evidenced by their run on Captain America . Fans , unsurprisingly, will find that both creators are on the top of their game with this book.  

I’m a fan of the way Brubaker writes Velvet.  While she’s not as young as you would expect her to be in a book like this, she still surprised me in many ways. It’s refreshing to read a James Bond type character portrayed as a woman. While she may not be able to fight off 10 guys at once, she’ll use violence, quick wit, athleticism and her own sexuality to get whatever it is she’s after.  The official synopsis says she’s the most dangerous woman alive, and when you’re done with this, you’ll believe it.

Steve Epting has such a distinctive style of art that I feel fits right in with the story that Brubaker is trying to tell. The characters have expressive faces that are drenched in shadow, which adds to the feeling of mystery.  It’s clear that Brubaker and Epting make a good team and know how to set a mood right from the first page.  It feels as if waiting for Epting was the right choice, as personally, I feel the book would suffer if these two weren’t paired together.


BUY IT.  It feels to me like Brubaker  and Epting were made to write these types of tales with one another. The super spy thriller is a timeless one, and while this book takes place in the 70’s, it’s a steal today at just $9.99.

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