Harvest #4 Review


Harvest #4 Review

Writer: A.J. Lieberman

Artist: Colin Lorimer

Letterer: Brandon DeStefano

Reviewed by: Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

The crazy mess that Ben is in continues and only gets worse in this fourth issue. With the series coming to a close in the next issue, the stakes have risen even higher. At the end of last issue, our drug addicted doctor, caputured the next person on his hit-list. This issue starts out with the man’s surgery as Ben cuts out the kidney that the man spared no expense to steal from its rightful owner.

Things get even hotter when he’s informed that the folks who are in the black market business of stealing organs, are like five minutes from being right up his butt.  After a rather painful escape-because this is what happens when you’re pumped full of perscritpion drugs-Ben is cornered and has to give up the kidney-or does he?

Finally reaching a ‘safe haven’ Ben impatiently waits for his patient only to discover that he’s been shot. Meanwhile his partner has discovered that the patient has been kidnapped unbeknownst to her family. Will Ben bleed to death? Will the patient be found in time? And wil the kidney be still good to use?

I’ve enjoyed this series and and I’m looking forward to the finale. The creative duo has been excellent with their good storytelling both in verse and in pictures.


Buy it. This is a wonderful example of indie creators busting out kick ass work.

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