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Justice League Rebirth #1 Review

Justice League Rebirth #1 Review “Fear the Reaper” Written & Pencils by Bryan Hitch Inks by Daniel Henriques (w/Scott Hanna) Colors by Alex Sinclair Letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft Review by….

Cyborg #1 Review

Cyborg #1 Written by David F Walker Pencils by Ivan Reis Inks by Joe Prado Colors by Adriano Lucas Letters by Rob Leigh Review by Ryan Haigh My first real….

Justice League #16 Review

Justice League #16 Written by Geoff Johns Art by Ivan Reis and Gary Frank Reviewed by Sean Lamont I’m an optimistic guy.  I actively look for the brighter side of….

Review: Justice League #2

Justice League #2 Justice League Part 2 Written by Geoff Johns Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams DC Comics flagship title Justice League is back for issue # 2….

Review: Justice League Dark #1

Justice League Dark #1 Written by Peter Milligan Art by Mikel Janin Justice League Dark #1 is book I flat out loved. If you ask the general public what their….