WIC: Bob Reyer’s Top Ten Female Characters

By Bob Reyer

To mark our Women in Comics event, each of us here at the Talking Comics podcast has selected our “Top Ten Female Characters”. For my list, I’ve restricted myself to lead characters, team members or villains, saving supporting players for another day and a different discussion. This ranking is actually part of a larger list of “favorites” that is being compiled for a future discussion (read “argument”) on the show, said list containing 42 female characters out of 100. (42, as you all know, is the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything.)

One addendum; if this list were compiled a few weeks hence, there would probably be the inclusion of Tarpe Mills’ Miss Fury, the restored edition of which is winging it’s way to this correspondent courtesy of Ms. Trina Robbins. Having only read the cobbled-together reprints, it wasn’t fair to judge, but let’s consider Miss Fury #10-a, and thanks again, Trina.

I’m hearing a voice telling me to get on with it, so without any additional ballyhoo….

10) Jean Grey

9) Scarlet Witch

8) Zatanna

7) Black Canary


6) Power Girl


5) Spider-Girl

4) She-Hulk

3) Oracle

2) Wonder Woman

1) Sue Storm


ADDENDUM: Ply me with some adult beverages some time, and I’ll tell you list entries #s 12-20!

Bob’s top 10 female characters:

Recommended reading list

10) Jean Grey:        Dark Phoenix Saga (TPB)

9) Scarlet Witch:   Scarlet Witch/Vision: “A Year in the Life” (TPB)

Avengers: “Nights of Wundagore” (TPB)

8) Zatanna:             “Mistress of Magic” (TPB)

                                  “Shades of the Past” (TPB)

7) Black Canary:     Black Canary: DC Archives (HC/40s & 6os tales)

Birds of Prey (TPBs/Gail Simone run)

6) Power Girl:         “A New Beginning” (TPB/Palmiotti & Conner)

                                   “Aliens and Apes” (TPB/Palmiotti & Conner)

5) Spider-Girl:          Sadly, no collections—you have to buy regular comics!

4) She-Hulk:             “Sensational She-Hulk” (TPB)

3) Oracle:                   BOP: “Old Friends, New Enemies”  (TPB/Dixon)

Birds of Prey: (TPB/Gail Simone run)

2) Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman: DC Archives (HC/ 40’s tales)

“Gods and Mortals” (TPB/ George Perez)

“Lifelines” (TPB/John Byrne)

1)   Sue Storm:             Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne (1-8)


Fantastic Four: “The End” (HC/Alan Davis)                                  









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