CW Gets Its Lead Actor For Arrow

Today I spent the better part of my afternoon looking up an actor by the name of Stephen Amell.  Prior to this afternoon, I hadn’t heard of this guy and now I can’t stop thinking about him.  Not in a...

Fatale #2 Review

Fatale #2 Written by Ed Brubaker Art by Sean Phillips Review by Bobby Shortle When reading a story my initial instinct is always to try and figure out my rooting interest. In most narratives...

Justice League #5 Review

I was all ready to write the book off after issue four and if I didn't have such a big weakness for Johns's writing I would have probably done so. Well, this is one instance where addiction pays off because Justice League #5 is the first issue in the series that I've felt truly satisfies.

Catching Up with Morning Glories

Morning Glories Issues #1-15 Written by Nick Spencer Art by Joe Eisma  Cover art by Rodin Esquejo Published by Image Comics Dear Diary, It's only been a few days since my arriving at the...