Author: C. J. Thomson

C.J. Thomson is a young academic and fiction writer who lives in Linslade, United Kingdom. A former MA student at Birkbeck, University of London, he is an aficionado of American popular culture with a vested interest in monsters, superheroes, horror and gothic fiction. Among his many projects, he is currently writing several short horror stories as well as a top-secret science fiction novel.

Returning to BTAS: Episode 29 – Eternal Youth

Eternal Youth Directed by: Kevin Altieri Written by: Beth Bornstein Original Air Date: September 23rd 1992 Synopsis: [From IMDB see: here]  A health resort, reputed to able to restore one’s youth, has a horrific….

Returning to BTAS: Episode 25 – The Clock King

The Clock King Directed by: Kevin Altieri Written by: David Wise Original Air Date: September 21st 1992 Synopsis: [From IMDB see: here] A ruined efficiency expert with an uncanny sense of timing and schedules plots….

Returning to BTAS: Episode 23 – Vendetta

Vendetta Directed by: Frank Paur Written by: Michael Reaves Original Air Date: October 5th 1992 Synopsis: [From IMDB see link: Here] A convict turned witness disappears and Harvey Bullock, who arrested him,….