Sea of Thieves #1

Written by, Jeremy Whitley

Art by, Rhoald Marcellius

Colors by, Sakti Yuwona

Letters by, Jaka Ady



A reductionist approach might label this book a pirate story about lost treasure, a father’s expectations, and sibling rivalry. A group of pirates must travel into The Sea of Thieves to find lost treasure. However, thy must first leave port safely. Bar fights, petty thievery, and a smidge of flirtatious behaviors bring a light-hearted touch to this story, which gives the deeper themes air to breathe. However, there is much more here, mostly in the list of female protagonists.


Initially, the most interesting of the female protagonists is Rin. She has a gruff presentation and is a skilled fighter. In addition, Demarco, one of two siblings who has a map to the hidden treasure, owes Rin money. Demarco has a history of over-promising and under-performing whereasRin means what she says.


Lesedi, Demarco’s sister, an accomplished and overachieving sister, captains a female crew. At one point, she is shown having an adult conversation with her father and you get the feeling that she is a formidable captain in every way.


Alessia and Mele are part of Lesedi’s crew and are world-wise female shipmates. These characters, along with a host of other characters, are the backbone of this story and make it interesting mainly because of the variety they bring. Mele is a blabber-mouth but is friendly and kind. Alessia is a petty thief and sharp as a tack.     

The art is gorgeous. The colors help create depth and contrasts for each panel by pulling dark colors to the front, pushing bright yellows to the background.  As a result, the horizons last forever, the rooms show great details, even in characters who are in the background. One of Jeremy Whitley’s strengths as a writer is his character work. They all feel distinct, authentic, and clearly defined. His sharp writing style lends to the impact of Rin’s meaness, Alessia’s whileyness, and DeMarco’s whimsicalness. This book is a nice start to a story that could grow into something really fun. I highly recommend picking up The Sea of Thieves

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