Armor Hunters: Harbinger #3 Review

Armor Hunters: Harbinger #3

Written by Joshua Dysart

Art by Robert Gill

Colors by Romulo Fajardo

Letters by Dave Sharpe


Armor Hunters: Harbinger has been an increasingly fun ride from issue to issue, and there is a twinge of sadness as it comes to an end. Over the three issue mini-series we have gotten a chance to get to know the kids of Generation Zero a bit more, but there is still so much more we do not know about each of them individually. It has me excited to think about what Valiant as planned for these characters (we are promised on the final page that they will return).

Robert Gill’s art continued to be phenomenal throughout the entire series all the way until the very end. There was an incredible level of detail from the expressions in the characters’ face to the various illustrations of their different powers. Gill was a vital part of adding to the excitement and urgency of the issue.

One of the biggest things I loved about the miniseries was how Dysart tied it in with the Armor Hunters event. The story was not looking at heroes dealing with the major threat of the event. Sure the story here focused on the fallout of events in Armor Hunters #1 to a degree, but it was more about the Generation Zero kids and the interaction between them. They are a family, and it reminded me a little of the motley crew of kids in FF.

With the conclusion of Armor Hunters: Harbinger Dysart and Valiant have me wondering what is next for Generation Zero. I’m looking forward to see some of the characters that were not front and center get more time in the spotlight in the future.

The Verdict

Definitely worth checking out. This is probably one of the more accessible of the Armor Hunters tie-ins, since it is not concerned with the main event at hand. It is a refreshing break with characters that have previously been supporting cast.

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