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Best Comics of 2013: Your Lists

So hard to narrow it down to 5!

Captain Marvel
New Avengers

Honorable mentions:
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man
Star Wars (Brian Wood)

– Dee

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It wasn’t an easy decision. I literally thought about this all day at work but I give you my Top 5 Comics of the year:

Saga (No explanation needed)

Thor: God of Thunder – This Book has been my favorite Marvel title all year long!

Uncanny X-Men – Grew up an X-Men fan, I’ve been loving whats going on here and loved Battle of the Atom.

The Walking Dead – I know some don’t care for its pace but this is one Image title like Saga I look forward to a lot each week. (Not a fan of the TV show though)

Superior Spider-Man – I totally dig Spock!! Love what Slott is doing with this, forget what the haters say! This coming from a person who grew up on Peter Parker (Aside from X-Men). The dye has been cast!!

Matt Sommers

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Twitter Handle: @Wickenhaus
Scott Wickenheiser

Top 5 Comics:
Batman #24
The Wake #1
Aquaman #24
Revival #12
Thor: God of Thunder #13

Thanks for all work you do with the site and the podcast.  It has become a necessary part of my week!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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My top 5 comics are in this order:

1. Saga
2. Captain Marvel
3. Sex Criminals
4. Guardians of the Galaxy
5. East of West
Thanks and keep up the great work!
Paul Jackson
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David Speer’s top Five Comic List

1. Saga

2. Hawkeye
3. Sex Criminals
4. New Avengers
5. Rachel Rising
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Hey guys! I’m a fan of the podcast and love listening to your talks. My favorite comics of the year have been:

1. Snyder and Capullo’s Batman
Death of the Family turned out to be one of my favorite Batman/Joker stories in history. I love
how Snyder expanded on the dynamic between the two and provided a new interesting dimension to their
relationship, bringing to of the most significant opposing forces in comics closer together. Year Zero is proving to be an awesome
story with huge scale and great fan service too. I don’t even know if there are many great Riddler stories out there either, so its great to see him in the spotlight.
2. Fraction’s Sex Criminals
This comic is pure adult fun. It’s hilariously crude, not in a bad way though. It presents sexuality in a really
entertaining way and the concept itself combines adult themes with geeky comic-book tendencies (I mean, how much more geeky can you get with manipulating time?). What do you guys think of Sex Criminals?
3. Fraction’s Hawkeye
Man, Fraction is just on a roll. I never thought that I would become a Hawkeye fan, but Fraction has reinvigorated the character by having him become a hugely relatable human being that reaches rock bottom yet can still be a funny, badass hero. The way Fraction even constructs some issues provides some really cool ways to read a comic book. That Pizza dog issue!
4. Jeff Lemire’s Trillium
I love the concept for this comic. I’ve been a fan of Lemire ever since reading his Underwater Welder, which introduced me to his interesting art style and storytelling techniques. I’d love to hear what you guys think of this comic as well, since I haven’t heard much other people talk about it besides reading a few critic reviews.
5. Bendis’ All New X-Men
The idea of bringing back the original X-men was interesting and I thought it was cool to see how their presence would play out in the modern world. Even though the story might retread a lot of plot points that are familiar and repetitious, like the drama between certain characters and consequences that might arise from their presence, I still think it is an interesting idea considering the situation that the X-men as a whole have been in since their division in Schism and the rebellion that Cyclops is building.
Thanks for reading my list! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast and have a great holiday season too!
John G.
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Hello Guys and Gal,Here is my top 5 comics of the year:
Thor God of Thunder
Skull kickers
Star Wars – Brian Woods
All New X-Men
Have a good one!
Christian Støa
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My top 5 books of the year are as follows in order
1.Thor:God of Thunder Jason Aaron has been remarkable on this book, and has berated new life into my favorite character.  Issue 12 especially was one of the few books that has ever moved me
2. Superior Spider-Man, the first book I read on my stack
3. The Wake, it’s replaced American Vampire as my go-to horror book
4. Infinity, Thor blew through a guy with a hammer….that was bad-ass
5. X-Factor, a great end to one of the great runs of our era
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Hi guys
Here’s my list:5. Half Past Danger – Jurassic Park meets Indiana Jones! Yes please!4. Dinosaurs Attack – Old school sci-fi B-movie violence!

3. Saga – the tales continues to weave on nicely. Weirdest road trip ever.

2. Transformers Regeneration One – really stepped up a gear this year, and with issue #0 they pulled out all the stops and gave the fans a real treat.

1. Transformers Monstrosity – perfectly paced universe spanning mini-epic. And the artwork is phenomenal!

Just noticed all my picks involve robots and/or dinosaurs! 🙂


Joe Teanby

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1- The Wake
2- Saga
3- Thor, God of Thunder
4- Batman
5- Hawkeye

Thank you,
Igor Glushkin

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Hey guys,

Hope you’re all well.
In no particular order, here’s my top 5 series of the year:

Infinity – The scope, scale and sheer ambition of this story were breathtaking. Organically branching out from the two series that spawned it, this epic space opera was an event all others should look to for what their purpose should be. Brilliant story and actually of consequence, loved it!

TMNT – After a rather mediocre start to the year, this series came thundering back with the City Fall arc. For someone who has been a TMNT fan for as long as I can remember, this comic has gone places that the turtles never been before. I think City Fall will be a story that’s looked back upon as a landmark in TMNT lore. Also, a mention has to go to Mateus Santolouco’s art, it perfectly suits the tone of the book and is downright glorious to look at.

Batman – It’s Batman.

The Wake – I’m not sure I can put my feelings about this book in a more eloquent way than when Steph spoke about it a while back. Quite simply, this book rocks. From Sean Murphy’s art, to Snyder’s quality writing, it hits all the spots. All that and the series hasn’t even finished yet!

The Movement – The little book from Gail right out of left field, with characters from the left of that field. The fact that this great series sells so little is a travesty. Full of surprises about the main characters and a unique story that moves along with perfect pacing, this book is Gail Simone at her finest!

Honourable mention for Superior Spider-Man as well. Genuinely one of the most exciting titles out there and looks set to carry on in that vein for some time to come.

Cheers all!


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Hi Guys and Girls
After years of listening to Kevin Smith podcasts, this was the year the influence finally rubbed off and I fell into the comic book world and have much less money for it.
My top 5 would be
1) The Wake. Loved this, first issue really hooked me in with it’s John Carpenter like world and the end of the the first story arc, was WOW! Just awesome
2) Trillium – Love the artwork, Jeff Lemires writing is wonderful, I love the way the two lives intertwine and the panel layout is excellent.
3) Wonder Woman  – I’m bit of a sucker for greek mythology so this was right up my street. Also love how Azzarello has built his own universe and managed to keep it cross over free and doing it’s own thing. Art has been fantastic and there’s not been issue that I haven’t loved.
4) East of West – Superb Art, and Jonathan Hickmans writing is a joy to read. The fact that he pulled off a really good Marvel event is testament to that.
5) Sex Criminals – Just makes me roll about laughing, so much detail to look at, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The colours are phenomenal and I can’t wait to see where Matt Fraction takes the story.
I left Saga off the list, only because it’s on it’s own level way above anything else and should be everyones default no 1.
Honourable mentions go to Lazarus, Batman Zero Year, Infinity and Pretty Deadly (which only didn’t make top 5 due to only have 2 issues)
Anyway, I’m blathering, love the podcast, you guys have a great dynamic and I find the discussion to be really informative, and have picked up a good few books after listening to you guys talk about them.
Have a great Christmas, and keep up the good work!
Jon Owen
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Hey guys,Here’s my top 5 comics of the year.

1. Sex Criminals
2. Saga
3. Velvet
4. Young Avengers
5. Batman

Randy Z. Ochoa

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Doug Laura:
Superior foes
Thor god of thunder
Rat queens
Rachael risingAlso, I like how all new xmen and uncanny xmen play off each other. It gives the stories weight and makes for an exiting read. I don’t think I would be enjoying either one as much without the other.

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Scott Brady: 
01 Thor: God of Thunder
02 Saga
03 Superior Foes of Spider-Man
04 Zero
05 Batman Incorporated
Keep up the good work, guys!
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Hi Bobby, hi people of talking comics! I’m a big fan of the site and podcast (I’m Paul_Writes on twitter etc) and heard your calls for our ‘top of’ lists of 2013. I got a bit carried away on these so stripped it back from top ten to five.

1. Locke & Key Omega/Alpha – I can’t describe how awesome this series is! Probably my favorite series of the last ten years, masterfully written and crafted. The art has gone from strength to strength issue to issue, volume to volume. Locke & Keys tempo in these final volumes has been high from the start, a real master class in storytelling. Highly recommended series!

2. Baltimore – Widow and the Tank & The Inquisitor one shots & The Infernal Train mini.

A hidden gem of a series. The continuing adventures of Lord Henry Baltimore, sword baring wooden legged avenger. Tracking his mortal foe Hagus the vampire lord across Eastern Europe following the first world war. The story telling and art work are so well fitted, the series has remained very consistent throughout the course of its mini-series and one shots. Unlike the other Mike Mingola books this doesn’t tie in with the ‘Mingolaverse” and is another recommended series for me.

3. Prophet – 2013 has been another amazing year for this series and the continued adventures of the John Prophets. Brandon Graham is putting out one of the most creative titles on the shelves right now. Half the time I don’t know what’s going on but that’s the fun of it.

4. Fables/Fairest – A bit of a cheat doubling this one up but the series really do complement each other well, the quality of Fables is definitely present in Fairest. Much as Werewolves of the Heartland was one of the stand out OGN’s of 2012, Fairest in all the Land is one my top picks for 2013.

5. The Bounce – Another series under the radar. The Bounce is an esoteric superhero mystery from Joe Casey and featured that prominent cover of the lead character Jasper Jenkins smoking a joint on the variant of issue #1 which I think caused a lot of potential readers to dismiss this book. The sales are really poor, lower than The Movement even! But the story pacing, artwork, and general direction of the plot are all excellent. The story telling of Jasper’s drug induced dimension hopping and the mysteries around it has been very compelling. I hope this series doesn’t get cancelled, I feel like Casey has a great story to tell here.

Looking forward to All New Invaders and more Sandman Overture for 2014, and I’m calling Dead Boy Detectives as one to watch too! 

PS, you guys should consider having a message forum!

Thanks guys, I hope you all have a great holiday and new year! 

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Here is my best attempt at compiling a list of favorites. Did I do it right?

Mark Waid, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Lee Weeks, Matt Fraction

David Aja, Chris Samnee, Michael Allred, Greg Capullo

Captain Marvel #10, #11, Daredevil #26

Single Issue/One-Shot:
Captain Marvel #14, #17, Daredevil #26, Daredevil: Dark Nights #3,

Story Arc:
Enemy Within, Infinity, Angels Unaware, Zero Year

New Comic (On-Going, Mini, or One-Shot):
The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Fraction, Pretty Deadly, Velvet, Quantum and Woody

The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction, The Wake, Sex Criminals

On-Going Series:
Daredevil, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Batman

Over-all Comic (On-Going, Mini, or One-Shot):
Daredevil, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Logan Rowland

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