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Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week: 10/17/12

Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week: 10/17/12

A weekly column by Steve Seigh

Welcome to Talking Comics‘ Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week! What we have here is all pretty self explanatory. Each week I’m going to reflect on the cover art of some of my favorite new comics and tell you which ones I really dig. Simple. Clean. Artsy. Enjoy!

Womanthology: Space #2

Story by Blair Butler, Joelle Sellner, Ellise Heiskell, & Stacie Ponder
Art by Alicia Fernandez, Jean Kang, & Maarta Laiho
Covers by Hanie Mohd (the lovely and talented woman who designed our Talking Comics avatars)

Wonder Woman #13

Story by Brian Azzarello
Art by Tony Akins & Dan Green
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Cliff Chiang


Batwoman #13

Written by J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman
Art by J.H. Williams III
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Todd Klein
Cover by J.H. Williams III
Variant Cover by J.H. Williams III

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Pepe Larraz
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by David Marquez & Rain Beredo

Catwoman #13

Story by Ann Nocenti
Art by Rafa Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona
Colors by Sonia Oback
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by Greg Capullo & FCO Plascencia





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