Marvel Now! Point One Announces Three Characters

It seems like we can’t go a day without hearing something new about Marvel Now! The latest reveal, which debuted at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, was that the Point One series would still continue and that the roster of people involved would be revealed over the next couple of weeks. These reveals came in the form of teaser posters, each with a picture of Marcus Johnson aka Nick Fury Jr. (of the recent Battle Scars miniseries)  tossing five dossiers at the viewer, each with a single file lit up. Marvel has said that these five people will “shape the Marvel Universe” and that there is reason why Johnson is keeping an eye on them.

In the past couple of days its been revealed that Cable and Nova are two of the five in the dossiers but yesterday it was revealed that Ant-Man would be joining them as well. Who are the other two involved? What does Johnson want with them? What is the Point One series going to look like in the Marvel Now! Universe? All these questions will hopefully be answered in the coming weeks but feel free to post your theories/predictions in the comments below.

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