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Review: Suicide Squad #2


Written by Adam Glass

Pencils by Federico Dallocchio

Inks by Andrei Bressan

Review by Brian Verderosa


While issue one was a complete set up book (that happened to have a good amount of action in it for the ruse that it was), we get unloaded completely in issue 2 of Suicide Squad. Deadshot has somehow (for good measure — look at him) appointed himself leader of the group, and he has both a sense of no-nonsense and yet dark humor about him (in the first page he calls Harley  Quinn “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs”). The book is rated Teen Plus, and it is extremely violent for a standard DC book.

People get shot, people get their heads caved in — it’s not pretty. But the grit that comes with the squad makes complete sense considering their backgrounds. This issue delves a lot into the Diablo character, who becomes more and more fascinating as the story goes on. The art is to die for — the dirty, mucky nature of what they’re doing is perfectly complemented by Dallocchio’s style.

I’m happiest with the end of the book, where it turns almost into an “Escape from New York” type scenario (if you didn’t read the premiere issue, they all have time bombs injected into their bodies). It’s a great cliffhanger for issue 3 and I can’t wait for it.


Buy it – as long as you’re not squeamish. Remember, this one is not for the kids!


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