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“I call shenanigans, eh!”

Recruited in the wilds of Canada to help the TC Team cross the border without disturbing the armoured bears or highly trained attack moose that patrol there, Shenani-Girl is the muscle of the team, using her slight appearance and foxy good looks to fool the bad guys before uttering her catch-phrase “I call shenanigans, eh!” which activates the super-strength that she uses to take down her opponents. With her alter-ego as socialite and woman-about-town Stephanie Cooke as cover, she uses the world’s perception of her as a “party girl” to conceal her true mission; to travel across continents battling the forces of evil as they try to disrupt conventions, and drag comics back into the dark ages of the 80s & 90s and spread their wicked ways for (comic) world domination.

The Maestro (and Moo-Moo)
Changing the world through music

The Maestro is an adept of many mystical disciplines. Foremost among his talents is his ability to perceive a person’s true nature through their auras, and sensing danger or evil, he can re-align them into a gentler state using spells cast in musical tonalities and sound waves. These spells are created with the aid of his sidekick Moo-Moo, who although she appears to be a common housecat, is in fact the re-incarnation of a Japanese mystic warrior princess, whom the Maestro rescued from a shelter, as he could sense her inner nature. The Maestro is also the keeper of arcane musical knowledge dating back centuries… and makes a great “mix tape”. In his civilian identity as Steve Seigh, he is one of the world’s greatest waffle makers!

The Broadcaster
Spreading the truth…

By day, Bobby Shortle is the journalist owner of the WTCB television and radio networks, and in that capacity he counters dis-information with facts, and ferrets out corruption at the highest levels of society. Using the news stories he has gathered while in his civilian identity, by night, in his super-hero guise as The Broadcaster, he transforms the wicked, the unscrupulous, and the badly un-informed into upright and knowledgeable citizens through the use of his “broadcast power” whether they like it or not, as he also has the ability to win every argument. He is the leader of the TC Team and co-ordinates their activities, as well as those of their support group, the Podcast Brigade. Recently, a shadowy, mysterious figure known only as “Lady S.” has begun sharing information with The Broadcaster, and added a member to his TC Team, of whom he’s slightly suspicious.

The Grey Guardian
Protecting truth, Justice and the Comics Way!
Sharing his knowledge of a Golden Age!
Stopping the TC Team from descending into anarchy!

The Grey Guardian (aka R.R. Reyer) has been a super-hero for over 50 years, but he ages more slowly due to emanations from a strange meteor at the Museum of Natural History. He has no super-powers (excepting an assurance that he’s always in the right), but uses his gas gun to render evil-doers into non-aggression, as he abhors violence and grimness. He falls prey to melancholy, as he has watched as all his super-heroic peers grow old or die, so in this modern era he walks alone, aided only by the mysterious computer wizard known cryptically as “Audrey”. He is recruited by the mysterious “Lady S.” to help mentor her young charges, molding them into more well-rounded heroes (and comic readers!), in her effort to create a super-team the likes of which the world has never seen!

Our Story So Far…
“The Grey Guardian Joins the Team!”

During an interlude where he is overcome with sadness over his lost comrades of years past, and in hiding from the creatures known as “The Mean Reds”, the Grey Guardian (drawn slumping with a little rain cloud hovering over his head!) is wandering the stacks of his local library, avoiding the glares and shushes of the dreaded Reference Desk Ladies, when out of nowhere *BAM* he is blind-sided by the ball of love that is Moo-Moo, jumping at him from on top of one of the shelves. Temporarily disoriented, he fails to notice the approach of The Maestro, who re-aligns his aura using a Dirty Projectors song, lifting him out of the clutches of “The Mean Reds” (who are utterly vanquished by music), and returning him to a more heroic outlook. The Maestro introduces him to the other members of the TC Team, and The Grey Guardian agrees to join The Maestro, Shenani-Girl, and The Broadcaster at the request of the shadowy “Lady S.” in their latest mission, to fight against the evil powers of Morose and his minions Misery Guts and Grumpy Pants.


Special thanks goes out to our loyal listener Sarah Bell for creating these superhero alter egos for each of us and providing us with an awesome backstory.

Another BIG special thanks goes to the wonderful Hanie Mohd, who created the art for our superhero alter egos. If you aren’t following her on Twitter, please go do so NOW. Also, her Facebook page. And her blog.

11 thoughts on “TOP SECRET Talking Comics Database

  1. Dear Talking Comics Crew,
    I discovered your podcast accidentally in my never ending search for something to take the edge off of my ho-hum 1-1/2 drive into the office. I normally listen to audio books but six years in, needed a change. I started listening around end of December and I am hooked. I swear I’ve gone through every episode at least four times now. I enjoy all the banter and listening to you all brings me back to my New York roots. I used to collect comics and acquired quite a few being in my early forties. Although, I hadn’t set foot in a comic book store in over 8 years till December. You guys have reinvigorated the comic reader in me.
    I do have a question. I have been feverishly looking up back issue and titles you recommend. At first, I started going back to the comic book stores in and around my local area. However,there are a mixed bag of comic shops in the greater Atlanta area and they are not the friendliest bunch of folks. Never have been, so going spending money to support them leaves a bad taste. I would use amazon for trades occasionally but I also have the issue of limited space at home. I have around 10 boxes sitting in my closet now. For me having them in paperback form is not a big deal. I started using Comixology & Marvel digital. Do you think I run the risk of losing my purchases? I’ve spent nearly $500.00 since December and don’t mind spending the cash but, I also don’t want to lose my purchases. What if things go sour between the major publishers and comixology? Do you think there is a chance all your books go away? I had this happen to me once before. When I-tunes first came on the scene I purchased a good bit of music but never saved it off of my computer and it crashed. This was early on in I-tunes history and I didn’t think about trying to save to an external source. I just tossed the computer and purchased a new one. When I logged onto I-tunes account everything was all gone. I just assumed they saved it for your somehow. Sort of like the cloud before the cloud existed. It was dumb on my part. Never quite got over that. I just wonder if purchasing comics digitally might yield the same end results if something happens between the publishers. I mean look what happened to Netflix. Do you see Comxilogy and digital comics sticking around for the long haul? Just a concern as I don’t think you can save your comixology account externally – can you?

    Anyhow, I’m really glad to be back in the game. Thanks so much for all of your review, recommendations and interviews. I’ve loved every single thing I’ve read so far. You guys are awesome and I hope one day you can have a daily podcast show.


    Nelson Maldonado

    1. Hey!

      I don’t think you have anything to worry about with ComiXology. They’re a really great company that just keeps expanding and expanding. I would be worried if they had shotty work relationships and were constantly in the news for something going wrong, but they really know what they’re doing (IMO) and I have a feeling that they would be able to work through just about any potential problem between publishers like Marvel, DC and whoever else might give them guff.

      They’ve got a great system that I trust and I have all of my comics on a few devices and I’ve never had a problem with them. Thanks to things like Cloud Storage, you should be fine as far as your purchases go as well… things can be stored on whatever device you’re using as well as on the internet, so I really believe that your purchases should last as long as the internet does.

      I hope that helps answer some of your questions!

      Thanks SO much for listening to the show and enjoying it. It means a lot to hear about people getting something out of what we do and that’s why we keep doing it, so again, thank you!

      1. Hey Stephanie,

        Just wanted to thank you and the gang for an outstanding 2013. Always a great time listening to you all every Wednesday morning on my drive in to work. You all do a terrific job and always keep me entertained. I hope that you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Look forward to seeing what 2014 brings us in the comic world. Give Oma a big hug from all of us fans out there.

        P.S. You bacon, cheese and potato pie looked scrumptious!!!



  2. Dear Talking Comics Cast,

    I know that you normally discuss upcoming comic related movies and the occasional TV series. Here’s my pitch to you all for a topic of discussion.

    I just got through Peter David’s entire X-Factor run (Thank you, thank you Grey Guardian)and I have to say (IMO)If that comic is not ready made for the small screen than I don’t know what is. Those 3rd tier characters are perfect as the non comic viewer wouldn’t have anything to compare them to. You have a wolf which fits in with the horror rage spurned on by Walking Dead and Teen Wolf- UGH! Jamie Madrox power wouldn’t seem terribly difficult to replicate on screen. Only Strong Guy and Monet’s flight power would seem to drive an inflated budget. The series takes place in and around the late night hours so wire affects in place wouldn’t look that bad – right? I think, if Smallville thrived while taking so many liberties with the Superman Mythos- hell, he didn’t even fly until the end. why not something as well written as X-Factor? I remember when Heroes first aired. After the 2,3 episode hump, it caught on and had quite a big following. I still remember all the hoopla over the premier of the second season. Of course, inconsistent storytelling killed it in the end. I think the audience is there. If they take what Peter David has written and translate it with only minor changes, it could be epic. Not a fan of the photo tracing art of the first half of the run myself but that also lends to the crime noir feel and look tailor made for television. His stories would need to be left in tact though. We as walking dead readers don’t seem to get the same enjoyment as those who have never read the books. Those people are rabid for the show while the rest of us only long for what could have been. What would be a good network to take something like that on? AMC, FX…….???

    Also though about Preacher. Remember all the hub-bub years ago with it coming to HBO by the producers of the sopranos? That would have been amazing! I would love to see the Game of Thrones people take that on. They would let it all hang out and give us the fucked up insanely, creepy and intense series Preacher could be.

    Can you think of any other comics that are just begging for the small screen. I know that Arrow is coming back for a second season – SHRUG. Matt Fractions Hawkeye would be insane. They could make a 30 minute sitcom with minor action segments and I think it would still be a hit. “NEEDS ON TV BRO”

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