Issue #455: DC Layoffs, NYCC Online, and #My5XMen

Issue #455: DC Layoffs, NYCC Online, and #My5XMen

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This week, Bob, Aaron, and Joey talk about event storytelling in the DC and Marvel universes, the wonders of NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell’s Far Sector, and their dream team of X-Men (thanks Gail Simone!!!).

Also, so comments on the NYCC announcement that the upcoming con will be entirely online and the recent DC layoffs in editorial.

Comics talked this week: Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6Captain America #21, Deadpool #6, Fantastic Four #22, Secret Wars #1-6, Strikeforce, Giant-Size X-Men: Fantomex, Bad Reception #5, Legion of Superheroes 5-7, Far Sector #7, Thor #5, Young Justice #17, Empyre #1-4, and Empyre: X-men #1-2.

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